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en_ID Indonesian English Locale Project

Yatti supports the development of an English for Indonesia locale for Linux (en_ID).

While English is not widely spoken in Indonesia as a proportion of its total population, it is still used widely in business and the professions and by the urban middle class.

Probably 3-5% of Indonesia's 255 million people use English on a daily basis, or three times the English-speaking population of Singapore.

The en_ID locale conforms to Indonesian standards relating to country codes, currency, time and date formats.

The en_ID locale is currently used as a secondary default in the Ubuntu Indonesia distro.

The en_ID locale file is located here.

To install the locale on a Linux server or desktop system, open a terminal as the root user and enter the following:

wget -O en_ID.txt
localedef -i en_ID.txt --charmap=UTF-8 en_ID.UTF-8
locale-gen "en_ID.UTF-8"
export LC_LANG=en_ID.UTF-8
export LC_TIME=en_ID.UTF-8
echo 'LANG="en_ID.UTF-8"'   > /etc/default/locale
echo 'LANGUAGE="en_ID:en"' >> /etc/default/locale
update-locale LANG="en_ID.UTF-8" LANGUAGE="en_ID:en"

Submissions for improvements to this locale should be directed to

Indonesian English Spelling Dictionary for LibreOffice

Yatti supports the development of the Indonesian English spelling dictionary for LibreOffice.

Extension for LibreOffice is located here.