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The Indonesian Open Technology Foundation (IOTF) exists to promote and support the development and application of open technologies throughout Indonesia and the world.


The Objectives of the Indonesian Open Technology Foundation are to:

  • assist individuals, communities, educational institutions, companies, government instrumentalities to adopt Open Technologies in all its forms.
  • provide training and support to Indonesian persons, communities and institutions in the adoption of Open Technologies.
  • provide a forum for the dissemination and exchange of information about Open Technologies.
  • represent Indonesia in international bodies that develop and promote Open Technologies.
  • support research for the development of Open Technologies, in particular those that promote inclusiveness, transparency and accountability within social institutions and government.
  • maintain and defend licensing standards for Open Technologies, including the official Open Technology License.
  • provide policy and regulatory advice to government instrumentalities, organisations and public companies in the application of Open Technologies.

Core Values

IOTF supports projects and programs that develop open technologies that promote open government, and environmental and economic sustainability.

IOTF supports the free and open exchange of ideas and information. IOTF promotes innovation, alternative methodologies, new technologies, and social responsibility.

IOTF supports collaboration, transparency, and accountability.